The Meta Advantage

Meta are results driven, using proven processes paired with the right people and technology to deliver maximum value from operational investment.

The Meta Approach

The Meta approach is cooperative and consultative, resulting in strategies and action plans that make a difference. Through application of our experience, Meta can implement sustainable changes and effect knowledge transfer resulting in increased operations performance.

The rollout of Meta services is flexible and tailored to each scenario. Works can be incremental, improving small segments of our clients operation over time – only when the results are understood and culture locked in do we progress. For clients requiring a more rapid improvement, Meta is equally geared to deliver a larger ‘breakthrough’ strategy.

For clients facing “in-house” resource difficulties, Meta is able to provide professional services and assistance on a resource deployment basis, allowing our clients to leverage our team and network. Our team like to keep their frontline skills sharp and so actively seek regular in-house assignments at the coalface.

Why Engage Meta

Meta has found the motivations for their engagement to be as varied as the different intricacies of the operations environments of our clients’. Typical drivers for our engagement have been:

  • To realise workflow efficiency savings and improve productivity
  • A desire for increased operations conformity & control
  • A need to understand, deliver and audit on quality, regulatory and compliance requirements
  • As support for a new organisational strategy or organisation re-engineering
  • To introduce quality and continuous improvement regimes
  • To manage staff roles and responsibilities
  • As a tool of increasing organisational competency

The Meta Advantage

Meta’s own effectiveness is gauged by our clients’ results. As a Principal run business, Meta is small, flexible and personally accountable. This means:

  • We provide a highly personalised service, eager to provide our clients with a successful outcome
  • We work with your team in the trenches, with a collaborative, consultative style
  • We have the independence to call it as we see it to establish the operating reality and fight inertia for change, combined with the experience to introduce fresh ideas and innovations
  • We focus on the ‘best bang for buck’ value-add improvements, and hold the terms of our engagement to the same principle
  • We treat every assignment as a key reference to show we reliably deliver results