Asset Management

Optimising management and investment in physical assets to ensure they serve your ongoing and future requirements.

Whilst there is significant attention given to the capital investment in production assets, failure to control operations and maintenance costs over the lifecycle of the asset can threaten and undermine the very rationale of the capital investment.

Whole of life management of assets is thus necessary to select appropriate equipment, maintain functionality and support planned operation in a cost effective manner. Lifecycle management necessitates a systematic process of maintaining, upgrading and operating physical assets to align to strategic business objectives.

Meta’s first steps involving establishing standard asset management processes and data collection procedures. Building on these, Meta can support fully informed investment decision making in addition to optimising operations and maintenance management plans.

Meta’s Asset Management services include:

  • Asset planning, renewals and optioneering
  • Asset criticality and business continuity analysis
  • Lifecycle cost modelling
  • Inventory and spares consumption analysis
  • Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”) system support

Effective Asset Management can help to achieve:

  • Prolonged asset life
  • Capital investment planning
  • Sustainable performance and risk optimisation
  • Minimised asset lifecycle costs and improved ROI