Maintenance and Reliability Engineering

Optimal maintenance programs supporting business requirements through balancing reliability and availability improvement with cost effectiveness.

Maintenance is increasingly susceptible to cost pressures like any other business function, with maintenance budgets being cut to respond to market pressures and ongoing business viability. With these pressures, maintenance departments are in a constant battle to try and balance cost against the asset performance and reliability standards.

Adopting the appropriate maintenance strategy involves performing the appropriate maintenance, avoiding under- or over-maintaining assets, as well managing the interface of maintenance with operations.

Meta maintenance management services entail the people, equipment, systems and methods to ensure the necessary maintenance work is performed in the most appropriate manner. The correct and effective application of these maintenance capabilities help to assure the equipment reliability and capability required in order to best meet organisational needs.

Meta’s Maintenance and Reliability Engineering services include:

  • Maintenance performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • Maintenance improvement plans
  • Preventative maintenance planning and optimisation
  • Reliability frameworks including Root Cause Analysis activities
  • Condition assessment and monitoring programs
  • Maintenance management operating systems

Effective Maintenance and Reliability Engineering can help to achieve:

  • Focus the team to deliver the maintenance program
  • Application of maintenance resources where they will have biggest impact
  • Improved reliability and plant availability
  • Cost-effective maintenance, over both the short and long term