Operational Readiness

Managing the transition through the EPC and commissioning process, to be able to operate and maintain your plant effectively from day 1.

A key challenge in starting a new or upgraded facility is managing the transition from the project to ongoing operations. The difficulty of this challenge is exacerbated through distributed ownership of project responsibilities.

New plant, process or technology can necessitate change beyond physical modifications, that when neglected lead to significant delays, increased costs and ongoing risks.

Meta can help negotiate these risks though changes or additions to work processes, systems and training. Equally as important, Meta can assist with maintenance, procurement and supply chain plans and processes. Meta’s Operational Readiness services can have all of these in place for Day 1, to allow best use of any new facility.

Meta’s Operational Readiness services include:

  • Readiness assessments and planning
  • Risk management and planning
  • Process and systems optimisation
  • Operations manuals and procedure development
  • Competency management and training

Managing your Operational Readiness can help to achieve:

  • Faster, lower risk start-up
  • An informed and capable workforce
  • Aligned and effective operations, reliability and maintenance plans
  • Lower asset lifecycle costs and improved ROI