People Management

Building a highly-skilled, flexible and motivated workforce to improve business performance.

While most organisations desire a highly skilled, flexible workforce, their approaches to people management can be described as new aspirations supported by old tactics. All too often their traditional employee management and development practices fail to link people management to organisational performance.

People management entails an explicit and documented people strategy that best supports business strategy and asset and operational plans. This includes clear talent management strategies that aligns to these objectives and builds a culture that can measurably support results.

Meta’s people management practices include definition of a clear people management strategy, formal workforce succession planning, talent acquisition and development and implementing performance management linked to productivity.

Meta’s People Management services include:

  • People strategy and culture
  • Organisational structure and role definition
  • Talent acquisition and succession planning
  • Skills and training needs analysis
  • Competency and performance management

Effective People Management can help to achieve:

  • Productivity gains
  • Improved skills and operational flexibility
  • Quality execution of asset and operational plans
  • Reduced risk and IP dependence on key employees