Supply Chain and Contract Management

Processes to reliably and cost-effectively procure spares and manage outsourcing to best support asset operations and maintenance plans.

Procurement personnel are often from a commercial background and as such can be removed from operations and maintenance plans. Combined with a lack of process and system integration, purchasing outcomes can be compromised and operations and maintenance risks can be increased.

Supply chain and contract management requires integration and collaboration of key business functions, including procurement, operations, maintenance as well as sales and distribution. This involves integrated processes, planning and appropriate use of EAM / ERP systems and data sources.

Meta can establish effective sourcing and contract management processes to ensure alignment between procurement, maintenance and operational staff and asset plans. These processes allow the most optimal procurement strategy supporting these plans whilst balancing cost, benefit and risk.

Meta’s Supply Chain and Contract Management services include:

  • Outsourcing strategy and contractor management
  • Stores and inventory management
  • Spares review and optimisation
  • Supply chain audits
  • Spend analysis

Effective Supply Chain and Contractor Management can help to achieve:

  • Support plant uptime and minimise procurement costs
  • Rationalise spares in line with business continuity and reliability considerations
  • Reduce wasted procurement effort and purchasing
  • Alignment of purchasing strategy to short- and long-term business plans